Friday, May 27, 2011

What's Your Story?

Mental health is often seen as a taboo topic, I hope Lily's story can help break down the walls. Please feel free to share your story, your journey, your thoughts on this topic.

The Beginning.

I started writing Silence & Noise in November of 2009. It has been both a tiring and exciting process. It has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember to write a novel. I completed the first draft in just under a month.  Lily's story spoke so strongly in me I couldn't keep up with how fast the words were coming out.  I am currently reaching the end of the 3rd draft.  My goal is to release the novel this fall and I am working hard to get it to the right place.  I feel a real connection to Lily's story, as I wrote it I reflected on my own life and journey as well as stories and experiences I have come to know.  This is not a memoir, but a fiction novel that deals with real things, real emotions, real fears.

Mental illness is still such a taboo topic.  This story follows Lily as she deals with feelings and emotions she doesn't understand.  There are so many people out there today who struggle with a mental illness, many go undiagnosed, many feel alone, like they have nowhere to turn.  Many simply become over-medicated and never actually deal with the root of the problem.  I hope Lily's story can help people find a home, help them to see they are not alone.  I hope her story can impact you as much as it has me.  Please check out excepts from the novel and stay tuned for more info on the release!