Monday, August 8, 2011

The Waiting.

so draft 3 is complete. it's now in the process of being read and formatted. it's a pretty great feeling being so close to the completion of silence & noise and i'm ready to get it out there. i have decided to self-publish which makes me very excited. it allows me so much freedom with the work and control over my writing which is very appealing. my husband who just so happens to be my manager has started the process of getting the book published and has already gotten a few book stores to agree to carry it, which it's pretty cool. it's all a learning experience and i'm really enjoying being 100% involved in the process. now that draft 3 is complete and it has been passed off to be formatted and reviewed by some folks i'm sort of sitting here waiting. curious about how the changes i made to the story will go over. wondering if lily's story will impact other's as much as it has me. i guess all i can do it wait and see.
we are shooting for an October release of the book, which i think is the best month of the year, so i'm pretty excited about that. Keep reading and i will post some new excerpts soon!

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  1. Wow. Its really happening. I can't wait to read it.